The Zamo the Destroyer Show #194

In theory it’s June, but Zamo has seen little evidence of the sun, so probably the humans are lying once again… just like when Technical Support Monkey spews a bunch of crap about solar cycles as if the cool temperatures have nothing to do with her continuing to offend the Sun God.

Worse, Chimpette ignores not only Zamo’s helpful suggestions to improve her sewing, but Jeff from Ojai and Mr. Hydell’s as well.

But even that pales in comparison when Zamo discovers Chimpette has friends in the sunny promised land of Los Angeles yet refuses to take Zamo there.

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #193

After a long hiatus which must surely be the humans’ fault (as everything always is), Zamo is back… and sorely disappointed in Technical Support Monkey’s refusal to drop dead of corona AIDS like CNN promised all the humans would.

In other news, Zamo called upon the Ooga Booga Woo Woo guides to cure Chimpette’s cancer that she insists she never had, and Georgie’s ongoing negative influence has led Technical Support Monkey to start painting again… but not anything good like portraits of Zamo.

Even worse, Technical Support Monkey refuses to go down to the local Best Buy to fetch a free TV.

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