The Zamo the Destroyer Show #193

After a long hiatus which must surely be the humans’ fault (as everything always is), Zamo is back… and sorely disappointed in Technical Support Monkey’s refusal to drop dead of corona AIDS like CNN promised all the humans would.

In other news, Zamo called upon the Ooga Booga Woo Woo guides to cure Chimpette’s cancer that she insists she never had, and Georgie’s ongoing negative influence has led Technical Support Monkey to start painting again… but not anything good like portraits of Zamo.

Even worse, Technical Support Monkey refuses to go down to the local Best Buy to fetch a free TV.

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #192

After a failed bid to set up Technical Support Monkey with one of the local Hell’s Angels (hey, what’s more ‘outdoorsy’ and ‘bad boy’ than a Hell’s Angel?), Zamo phones up a variety of local tennis clubs and golf courses to inquire about the number of wealthy eligible man monkeys to sell, er, marry off Technical Support Monkey to. Sadly, none of their dress codes seem to allow for Chimpette to wander aimlessly in hooker heels, a tube top, and booty shorts… whether Chimpette wants to dress like that or not is another matter, of course.

Even worse, Chimpette refuses to learn from Serena Williams’ grunty example how to get a man. So what if you’re not supposed to grunt on the golf course?

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