Zamo the Destroyer was created by Pyra Draculea in 2006 and ran weekly in webcomic form through 2009. Mostly drawn the old-fashioned way with a dip pen and Speedball ink.

It resurfaced in late 2014 as The Zamo the Destroyer Show, “a podcast by an iguana, for iguanas, talking about important iguana stuff and issues”.

Inspired by Pyra’s dearly beloved and now departed iguana, Leguizamo (1994-2004).



To the best of our knowledge, Leguizamo never had a secret basement lab where she experimented on frogs, but no one would really be surprised if she did. We are pretty certain she was attempting mind control experiments on the aquarium fish, however – the goldfish never seemed at ease when she stared at them.

Leguizamo is sorely missed.

About Pyra: Pyra [aka the “technical support monkey” Zamo likes to complain about on The Zamo the Destroyer Show] is an artist/writer/comedian/musician based in Vancouver, BC.

Her various other works tend to get link/embed-dumped on her other website and you can check out her comedy videos at

Her “music” can be found at and on YouTube at

You can read her random thoughts at, and every so often Zamo voices the iguanid perspective at

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