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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #217

After taking the summer off to bask in the sun and raid the gardens, Zamo is back to making sure Technical Support Monkey doesn’t have enough spare time to work on her own projects instead of Iggy’s… like the web series that Chimpette insists doesn’t need Zamo to star in it (as Godzilla) to punch things up a little.

Even worse, Technical Support Monkey insists on getting a second opinion on all the Spanish vocabulary Zamo’s trying to teach her, and Georgie insists on watching the View and their anti-lizard propaganda.

The Zamo the Destroyer Show #215

No show last week due to Zamo needing to shun Technical Support Monkey for her impudence in trying to blame the Sun God for her curtains catching fire (after Iggy was done whipping her with her own iPhone charger cable, of course).

In other news, Technical Support Monkey’s sudden interest in jazz might lead to Zamo being able to squeeze a higher “matchmaker fee” out of Jeff from Ojai, and Chimpette has acquired a new redheaded Barbie that Zamo found sitting in Squeaky Simon Man-Barbie’s lap… but Technical Support Monkey insists that doesn’t actually mean anything.

Meanwhile, Technical Support Monkey and Zamo argue about what Jeff really meant when he told Iggy that Chimpette ought to make sure her rugs and curtains all match.

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