All About Zamo


Quoth the Lizard:

Well, let’s see here. Originally I was going to be a politician to pursue my goal of taking over the world, but as I began my political science studies at the Iguanid University of the Jungle, I also had to take some anthropology and human psychology classes and that’s when it occured to me I might accomplish my goals faster if I had a following of humans to form my private army. To do that, I realized I would have to learn all about them. Eventually I started to find them kind of interesting, in a patronizing sort of way.

So I went along in my studies, becoming quite distinguished quite quickly, and I came here to study humans more close up. It turns out the “student housing” thing I signed up for was actually a pet store scam. Revenge was had, but in any case, that’s how I acquired Georgie.

Later I acquired Hoppy when I met him laying about in a pond not far from home, and I explained to him that perhaps I could assist him to evolve, or at the least I could learn from his issues how to improve future generations of frogs.

I’ve also tried to make the world better by sharing my art, but so far that hasn’t proven as welcome by the humans.

Well, I don’t want this to become a lame 90s-style homepage with nothing but mundane goings-on and lists of likes and dislikes, so I’ll wrap up for now til I have some research conclusions to share.


Your new reptilian overlord, Zamo.

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