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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #196

Well, it’s July and it’s finally getting somewhat warm. Zamo’s been holed up at Technical Support Monkey’s house in the hopes of seeing her fall down the stairs again (or more realistically, getting to finish reading Chimpette’s diary).

Along the way Iggy tries to suggest some pen names for Chimpette’s new book project (with help from Jeff from Ojai) and also tries to get Chimpette to avoid both skin cancer and that commie lung AIDS thing that all the humans have been getting infected with lately.

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #195

It’s been an entertaining couple weeks, starting with Zamo interrupting the shunning of Technical Support Monkey to tag along to Vancouver in the hopes of getting to “help” with a dental appointment and culminating in Technical Support Monkey falling down the stairs.

In between, Zamo fights with Georgie about Georgie’s ongoing laziness, hangs out with the new tenant/maid, Millie (who has an unfortunate affinity for the damn CBC Radio), and gets to see a crow get electrocuted on the power lines, which leads to an unfortunate disruption of Iggy’s scheduled naps.

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