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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #216

Technical Support Monkey’s brother has returned from Mexico empty-handed, and it turns out that Chimpette never did give him the list of Zamo’s deadbeat cousins with outstanding debts for him to collect for Iggy.

On the plus side, he and Zamo come up with a plausible reason to build a giant flat-topped Aztec pyramid right here in the Cow Named Chan Valley… if only the local mayor would listen to reason and approve the project.

The Zamo the Destroyer Show #206

It’s starting to get sunnier, but still remains cold, which Zamo interprets as a sign that the Sun God is still displeased with the local humans and Aztec-style sacrifices are in order to change that and bring on the heat.

Sadly, neither of the mayors Ig phones seem willing to listen to reason. Nor will Pierre incorporate an Aztec priest into his latest public art commission to show the locals how it’s done.

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