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Commentary from Pyra:

They took the poor animals out of the original, but the left the empty cage to whine about censorship. I’m all for art, but like everything else in life, it is subject to ethical limits.

What really shocked me was the wall of comments at the Vancovuer Art Gallery with all the people bitching that they didn’t get to see it. A few pretended to the higher ground of artistic freedom and censorship. Most were immature, like the cartoon of the guy holding a bazooka to the head of someone wearing an SPCA tshirt, and another saying “I want my ten dollars back!” Ten dollars is the student price of admission, and I find it rather hard to believe that in four floors of gallery there wasn’t a single thing the kids could have seen that was worth the price of admission. Or ten things each worth a single dollar to see.

But they didn’t come to see great art. They came to watch things die.

If that’s art, then Rome was the pinnacle. And in those days people could watch things die for free.

I could have stayed with my outrage at the exhibit, but I realized it was so radically different from the rest of Huang Yong Ping’s displayed work that a suspicion started building that perhaps this was the real unspoken point of the work – to stir up controversy and publicity for a career that is otherwise far more interesting than this particular work but perhaps not as ubiquitously publicized as the artist would have liked.

And I thought, hmm, who do I know who might get inspired by this? And so this week’s comic was born.

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