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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #200

This week is the 200th episode of the show, but Zamo’s not celebrating, what with the cold temperatures and the only flowers to be found being inedible and poisonous ones like hellebores. Which for some reason inspire Technical Support Monkey to write quasi-competent poetry (but which would be so much better if it was about tasty treats like roses).

In other news, Chimpette’s brother is stuck in Mexico till May, so all of Zamo’s deadbeat distant cousins better pay up as Iggy’s gonna give him a list of outstanding debts to collect. Also, Jeff from Ojai would very much like to see Chimpette in a rhinestone bra and feather headdress but Chimpette ain’t having it.

The Zamo the Destroyer Show #197

It’s been a while, but between Zamo’s mom’s incessant phone calls and the need to ensure Technical Support Monkey has a worthwhile New Year’s resolution (i.e., doing Iggy’s bidding more), Zamo figured it was time to start the show again.

In the meantime, there’s been lots of incidents of having to shun Technical Support Monkey for lying and for allowing/inciting her neighbours to remove the big maple tree Iggy used for spying on Chimpette. Also Georgie inflicts her talentless art friend on Zamo on yet another trip to Vancouver and Technical Support Monkey refuses to get a pet liger to do tricks to entertain Iggy… like eating the neighbourhood crackheads… or Technical Support Monkey herself, whatever works.

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