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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #210

It turns out that Jeff from Ojai has a thing for cheerleaders, so in the interests of squeezing him for a higher ‘matchmaker fee’ Zamo sets about finding a nice green cheerleader costume for Technical Support Monkey.

Along the way, Zamo discovers that ‘the least cheerful chimp Iguana ever met,’ Georgie, was a cheerleader and, for reasons Zamo can’t fathom, Pierre really really really wants to see Georgie in her old high school cheerleader uniform.

The Zamo the Destroyer Show #208

No show last week because the chimps needed shunning and nose-thwacking on account of the rain. Also because Technical Support Monkey refuses to borrow her brother’s AR-15 and shoot Ig a bear fur blanket because she’s lazy, just like her whole damn clan.

Unfortunately, Chimpette isn’t lazy when it comes to making annoying noise, and refuses to listen to Zamo’s suggestion to learn to play cello instead.

In other news, Mr. Hydell and Millie went to visit the ocean (or as Zamo calls it, the whales’ toilet) in Tofino, and Zamo’s snooping leads to the unfortunate discovery of the horrors of ‘naked yoga’ on YouTube.

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