The Zamo the Destroyer Show #186

The battle over color choices for Technical Support Monkey’s house rages on, with Chimpette refusing to believe it when Zamo tells her God wants her to paint the bathroom green. At least she chose a nice blingy gold light fixture worthy of Trump Tower which Zamo approves of.

In other news, it turns out Mr. Hydell has bought a place down the street and he comes over and describes Technical Support Monkey’s color choices as “a Mexican whorehouse.” Based on that, Zamo figures Chimpette’s garish colors are intended to make Whatsisface Guitar Dude feel at home.

Also, Technical Support Monkey doesn’t know the difference between pounds and kilograms when it comes to either cocaine or mail-order sofas, and Zamo thinks Chimpette’s rug choice has a coded Wikileaks-related meaning.

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