June, 2018

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #170

Technical Support Monkey’s dad backed out of helping her buy a really nice house and Chimpette wouldn’t stop crying, leaving Zamo to try to figure out how to make it stop without access to the chocolate cure Mr. Hydell told Ig about. It falls to a reluctant Whatsisface Guitar Dude to fix Chimpette through the power of “uh huh.”

In other news, Zamo vows to be nice to Chimpette for a while to avoid more crying, and they argue about who really killed Kate Spade, and whether or not there are mountain lions in LA.


The Zamo the Destroyer Show #169

Zamo’s getting frustrated with the lack of progress on Technical Support Monkey’s house search, which Chimpette has been slacking about this week. She’s also been all mopey, which is interfering with Zamo’s berry picking, so Iggy decides to invoke the Ooga Booga Woo Woo Guides to heal Chimpette’s broken woo woos.

Technical Support Monkey’s also been up to no good, dyeing things pink and red and purple despite Iguana’s stern warnings.

In other news, Technical Support Monkey and Zamo argue about the nature of God, and Chimpette gets all defensive when Zamo questions her cleaning habits and points out how filthy the stairs are.


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