May, 2018

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #166

Georgie’s off to another dumb art show, this time in Chicago, so Zamo’s been sent up to visit Technical Support Monkey yet again. While there, Iggy tries to sell Chimpette on the merits of tropical living, explains the real meaning of Chimpette’s pink flamingos, and Chimpette drags Iggy to an open house in the land of the local lake monster.

The Zamo the Destroyer Show #165

Technical Support Monkey interrupts Zamo’s efforts to install hidden cameras for ‘Project Georgie Surveillance’ to drag poor Iggy to a local quilt show, where Zamo gives constructive criticism to Chimpette’s friend so next time her quilt will win a ribbon.

Zamo also tries to give Technical Support Monkey a free Spanish lesson so she’ll consider moving to sunny Mexico instead of some white trash town in the Maritimes that gets buried under 5 feet of snow every winter.

Needless to say, Iggy’s efforts to be helpful go unrewarded.

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