July, 2017

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #138

Zamo has been sent off to Technical Support Monkey’s house for a couple weeks while Georgie moves to Victoria and paints the new house and probably snoops through Iggy’s stuff.

In order to help pass the time (with NO TV!!!), Zamo bullies Technical Support Monkey (who still hasn’t learned any monkey tricks) on the quilt front and complains about the new sofa.

PS: Zamo’s distant cousin Bopinu is still a deadbeat loser and still hasn’t paid Iggy back that $37.


The Zamo the Destroyer Show #137

It’s time for Zamo to pack up Ig’s stuff, which requires hiring Mr. Hydell to do the heavy lifting for the low, low price of four pairs of Georgie’s filthy underoos straight out of the laundry hamper.

In other news, Georgie still denies having had AIDS this spring and insists it was just sinusitis, and Technical Support Monkey is lazy and hasn’t made Zamo’s sun quilt yet.


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