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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #119

Zamo spends Valentine’s Day with Mr. Hydell (to hide out from Georgie’s annual guilt trip) and develops gold fever upon discovering Mr. Hydell’s spent the last 20 years acquiring a dragon hoard of gold coins.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hydell seems quite unwilling to hand it over or even let Iggy so much as see it.

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #118

Yet another snowstorm has got Zamo down and worried about whether spring will come with Georgie’s continual offending of the Sun God. Also, Zamo ventures out with Georgie to the hippie bookstore, where they run into Technical Support Monkey, who might be moving to the land of lake monsters, evil things that live in scratchy trees, and Whatsisface.

(Pure coincidence on the last count, supposedly.)

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