February, 2015

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show: Episode #18

This week Zamo dips into the growing mail pile, but not before giving some advice to her technical support monkey on how to get a date [and maybe even $20!] from Whatsisface who she’s been failing to get lucky with.

Zamo also gives tips on how to prevent your pet monkeys from participating in Valentine’s Day to make sure they don’t lay any post-Valentine’s eggs.

And Zamo’s mom tries to guilt trip Zamo about a supposed lack of grandkids.


The Zamo the Destroyer Show: Episode #17

This week Zamo’s in trouble for being rude at Georgie’s granma’s funeral, but all in all, it’s a win-win for Zamo, seeing as the monkeys won’t talk to Iggy for a while.

In other news, suck it, you blue Peruvian freak iguanas! Colombia has the universe’s prettiest monkey!! Screw Peru!!!

Also, Zamo’s technical support monkey can’t do math.


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