September, 2018

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #178

Zamo’s back this week to complain about the ongoing house hunt with Technical Support Monkey and having the misfortune to bump into Georgie’s doofus ex Wilhelm, who claims to have gotten a job teaching high school English. Zamo’s pretty sure he actually works in the cafeteria cleaning the deep fryer, which seems more suited to Wilhelm’s questionable skills.

In other news, Technical Support Monkey doesn’t understand that pies are supposed to be sweet and won’t listen to Iggy’s feedback.

The Zamo the Destroyer Show #177

Technical Support Monkey is starting to really piss Zamo with her ongoing chimpiness like her refusal to crash a wedding to get advice on catching a man monkey or make Iggy a second quilt or buy a decent house so Iggy can stop having to supervise her 24/7 or moving to a more favorable climate where Zamo won’t have to wear a sweater or how she doesn’t want Zamo to eat her deck container flowers.

Zamo and Chimpette also argue about whether the warring drug cartels in Colombia were an actual problem.

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