August, 2018

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #176

There was no show last week due to Technical Support Monkey and her busted hip woo woo injury, which Zamo figures she was faking in order to spend several days moping in her room.

While Chimpette was laid up in bed, Zamo argues with her dad about the mistreatments and indignities Zamo suffered, but Chimpette’s old man doesn’t seem overly bothered by his spawn’s misdeeds.

In happier news, a visit to some tourist trap mansion in Victoria gives Zamo some ideas about making Technical Support Monkey wear a servant’s uniform, but Chimpette ain’t having it.

The Zamo the Destroyer Show #175

This week Zamo and Technical Support Monkey butt heads over some stupid rocks for a fountain and Chimpette’s ongoing refusal to move to Los Angeles. Later, Zamo’s scheme to get revenge on Technical Support Monkey and scam $50 out of Whatsisface Guitar Dude via a horde of “filthy photos” backfires.

Plus: A close call with a nearby brushfire gives Zamo an opportunity to claim another miracle to impress the frog disciples.

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