October, 2015

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #55

This week an exasperated Zamo is busy shunning her pet human Georgie. Whilst refusing to interact with Georgie, Zamo gets caught up on important stuff like making squirrel zapping electrodes and the latest prophesies from the retarded frogs at the local pond (as reported by Zamo’s frog slave Hoppy, who’s a true believer.)


The Zamo the Destroyer Show #54

Zamo tags along with Georgie to bellydance class to get some quality pointing and laughing done. Iggy also approves of Georgie’s plan to take a hooker dancing class in November and maybe even make a new, more lucrative career change.

In other news, Zamo is stymied when trying to find out why Technical Support Monkey is so damn cheerful this week.


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